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Elementary Level
Part One

Choose the correct alternative!

  1. The traffic is bad/wrong today.
  2. I think you are/have right.
  3. How are you? I’m well/fine thank you.
  4. How old are you? I am/have 22 years old.
  5. Do you have any/some children?
  6. She often meets -/with his uncle.
  7. He likes play/playing football very much.
  8. I wrote a letter today/this afternoon.
  9. I don’t sing. I’m to/too shy.
  10. When did they get/be married?
  11. She never makes/does her homework.
  12. I phoned him at/in the end of the programme.
  13. They fell/felt in love immediately.
  14. He took/made a lovely picture of the baby.
  15. Can I have that recipe/receipt of the chocolate?
  16. My aunt is a cook/cooker.
  17. Where did you know/meet your husband?
  18. Can you drive/fly a plane?
  19. My flat is full with/of plants.
  20. She didn’t go out yesterday/last night.
  21. I am always late from/for work.
  22. I don’t like lending/borrowing money. I hate being in debt.
  23. Paul got/gave a computer for his birthday.
  24. Where did you live when you was/were a child?
  25. Peter born/was born in Mexico.
  26. He often goes to/- abroad in his job.
  27. She looked after/for children until she retired a year ago.
  28. My granny is more/over seventy years old.
  29. She loved all the children special/especially the baby.
  30. How/what was he different when he was very young?
  31. I couldn’t read until/to I was seven.
  32. He doesn’t know anybody/nobody in this country.
  33. Jean was in London the/- last week.
  34. Can you play -/the piano?
  35. My friend doesn’t like parties. He is quite/quiet shy.
  36. What does she usually have for a/- breakfast?
  37. What’s on the/- radio?
  38. There is a good film on the/- TV.
  39. Do you have a light/fire?
  40. She is no/not married.
  41. My parents are in/at work.
  42. I don’t have a work/job.
  43. This is a photo of/about my children.
  44. Anything else/other? Yes, a cup of tea.
  45. In summer he works in a sport/sports shop.
  46. She goes walking/to walk in her free time.
  47. English coffee/café is horrible.
  48. The/a mechanic mends cars.
  49. He leaves from/- home at seven o’clock/hours.
  50. He arrives at/in the station at four.
  51. Do you like playing the /- cards?
  52. My neighbour is a/- journalist.
  53. On/- every weekdays he gets up at 2 in the morning.
  54. Do you like a/- Chinese food?
  55. He goes to work by/in his car.
  56. Can computers check/control spellings?



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